All LAUSD schools including LIGGETT ST.  ELEMENTARY will be adhering to a distance learning model.  Please visit for more information.  Todas las escuelas del LAUSD incluyendo LIGGETT ST. ELEMENTARY se adherirán a un modelo de aprendizaje a distancia.  Por favor visite para más información.

Liggett Street Elementary

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Grade Levels

1st Grade 0 Classes 6 Staff
2nd Grade 0 Classes 6 Staff
3rd Grade 0 Classes 6 Staff
4th Grade 0 Classes 5 Staff
5th Grade 0 Classes 4 Staff
ETK/TK 0 Classes 7 Staff
Kindergarten 0 Classes 6 Staff
PALS 0 Classes 0 Staff
Prevention Support Center 0 Classes 2 Staff