All LAUSD schools including Liggett Street Elementary will be closed for 2 weeks starting Monday, March 16, 2020. Please check the LAUSD website: for more information.      Todas las escuelas del LAUSD, incluyendo Liggett Street Elementary, estarán cerradas durante 2 semanas a partir del lunes 16 de marzo de 2020. Visite el sitio web del LAUSD: para obtener más información.

Liggett Street Elementary

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Hello Room 58

To Parents:  Please have your child check their schedule daily at and google classroom

before, in-between, and after their assignments. Availability with tutoring, technology access and issues, are between the hours of 10am and 3pm Monday-Friday. Office hours for parents are 11am-1pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.  If you require teacher services at other times, please speak to your individual teacher to make other arrangements.

Contacts between parents and teachers will continue in the same manner that has been established over the past two weeks with your student's teacher. Please be advised that I am always looking for easier ways to open lines of communication. This can be by phone or possibly through various video conferencing applications. Please note, you are always welcome to contact through school email



To Students: Check your Email, Daily Schedule, and Google Classroom before, in-between, and after your assignments.



UPDATES: 1) The Google Classroom Journal assignment is extended until Monday, April 6th. Find Google Classroom in the apps icon at the upper right of your screen, after you sign into google with your student email. Next, click on the "Classwork"  section at the top of your classroom screen. The assignment "SAY HI" will appear in a rectangular box, click on it. Then, click on View Assignment below the box. You will have to locate the "ADD/CREATE" button to the right-side of the screen and click on it. A drop down menu appears and you will select "doc" to create a document. Once it's created you can click on the doc and type. When you are finished click on the "Turn in" button at the upper right-side of your screen.