2019 SBAC  Testing begins on Monday , April 29 for grades in 3rd to 5th. For more information on when your child is testing see the adhere testing schedule.

Liggett Street Elementary

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Mr. Dov Lehavi » All About Me

All About Me

My name is Mr. Lehavi, and I'm a first grade teacher. I have been a member of the Liggett family since July 2001. This is my eighth year teaching first grade. I have also taught second grade for six years, so I know what a successful student needs to know by the time he or she enters second grade.

Our class is an SAS (School for Advanced Studies) class. The sky is our limit! They say that in order to be a successful student, a student should be a good reader by age 9. In our class we try to get there by age 7.

We enrich our curriculum with advanced vocabulary. We explore math, art history, science, world and U.S. history. When we read, or hear about new places, we always find out where they are on the World's map. The sky is our limit!

I love traveling. I've been lucky enough to visit five continents and over sixty countries. I try and share this passion with my students by taking them to some of our plant's best museums, many of which happen to be right here in our beautiful city. The Getty Center and the Getty Villa are two of those. We visit them annually.

Together we discover portraits, landscapes, still lives, and historical paintings. We compare and contrast self portraits by Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo, for example. We try to create our own self portraits, landscapes of our city, etc.

I am passionate about opera and classical music. During the school year we learn about the different instruments of the orchestra, and we sample some special masterpieces which introduce music to young listeners. Peter and the Wolf, The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, The Carnival of the Animals, are some pieces we will sample.