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Welcome to My Class

Dear Parents,
I am delighted to be your child's first grade teacher. I am looking forward to have an exciting, fun,and a successful year.
Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have taught for 20 years. I have taught Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grades. I have taught Fifth Grade for short term assignments only. I am married and have three children. I attended University of La Verne and California State University of Northridge. I also took some classes at UCLA. I Enjoy teaching, I like to motivate my students, and I have high expectations of all of them.

If you need to get in touch with me please email me (click on Send email) or leave a message in the school's office, telephone 818-920-6378.


Estimados Padres de familia,

Estoy muy contento de ser el maestro de su hijo/a. Espero tener un año lleno de alegria y de exito en la education de su niño/a. Permitame informarle algo de mi. He enseñado por 21 años. He enseñado Kindergarten, primero, segundo, tercero, y cuarto grado. Soy casado y padre de 3 niño/as. Estudie en University of Laverne, California State University of Northridge, y tome algunas clases en UCLA. Me encanta enseñar y motivar a mis estudiantes, y tengo altas expectativas de cada uno de ellos.

Si necesita comunicarse conmigo llame al telefono de la escuela 818-920-6378, o por email. Solo haga click en Send email


I will be available to converse with parents and students during my office hours below. You can contact me via email. You can always leave a message and I will get into contact as quickly as I can.

Our office hours will be by appointment Tuesdays thru Friday, 1:20-2:15.

How to use schoology


Go to then click on Student QR Code (Scan QR Code), the computer will say "app.schoology wants to use your camera," and click "allow." Show the QR Code to the camera and it will log you in. Next, click on Courses, then click on GRADE 1 TERM 1TA- PERIOD 1. On that page you will find the link to our Zoom meetings and other activities.

Thank you.

Mr. Lossi



Note: If you don’t click Submit, my report will show that your child did not do the work.

Go to , click on Log in as a student, then click on Clever Badge log in, show the badge to the camera  of the computer (or device been used). Then, scroll down and  click on the Benchmark Education App; then go to Assignments. Click on one of the rows that show the dates (except February rows), click on any of the books under the Open column. He/she reads the book and when done, click on the pen that is under the Review column. Click on Add a Book Review where he/she writes something about the book (like did he/she like the story, and why or why not. Did he/she learn something from the story and what did he/she learn). When done writing he/she clicks on Submit. He/She is done with that story. There are 5 or 6 stories assigned for the week. I hope it works. Let me know if you have any further questions. Have a safe and healthy day.

Mr. Lossi