Hello, Welcome to Mrs. Hernandez-Tolentino's 4th Grade Virtual Classroom!!


     My name is Mrs. Hernandez-Tolentino, better known as, "Mrs. T."  It will be my pleasure to be your 4th grade, 2020-2021 school year teacher!!! I am very excited to meet you all! I truly wish that I could meet all of you in person, however, I am confident in saying that I will have the opportunity before the end of the school year.  Until then, I will do my best to make your virtual learning as engaging as if we would've been in the classroom! Be prepared to face some challenges and have patience, as virtual teaching has not been perfected, yet.  Nonetheless, if we work together as a team, we will get through this and I will do my best to make virtual learning exciting, engaging, and fun!


                                                                          Mrs. Hernandez-Tolentino