2019 SBAC  Testing begins on Monday , April 29 for grades in 3rd to 5th. For more information on when your child is testing see the adhere testing schedule.

Liggett Street Elementary

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Hello Parents!

Welcome to a new fun and exciting school year!  I am so excited that we have a school website available at your fingertips.  I plan on trying to keep you all updated with our classroom news as well as anything important going around at Liggett Elementary!  Make sure to sign up with the ClassDojo App, so that you receive any new posts I put up.   Feel free to text me anytime on the ClassDojo App with any concerns or questions and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.  Have an awesome day!!!


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Small Group Expectations

Each week, students rotate in their groups to different stations around the room.  While students rotate, I meet with 1 group to work on reading comprehension.
1. Slip and Slot Book-  Students need to complete everything in this book by Friday morning at 8:45 a.m.  It includes:
-Essential Question
-Text Connection
-Weekly Summary
-Cursive Name
-Cursive Letter Practice
-Book Recommendation
2.  Library-  Students enjoy reading books of their choosing in our reading garden which they will record in their classroom reading log and answer questions in their response journal.
3.  Keyboard Instruction-  Students get to practice their typing skills on our classroom portable, battery powered, word-processing keyboards. This is a necessary skill students need in order to do many classroom assignments such as research on the internet, type up research papers, and take the Smarter Balanced Test at the end of the school year.
4.  Mountain Math- Students work on 3rd grade math skills. This helps students solidify their knowledge on the math skills taught in 3rd grade.  There are a total of 24 questions, but some questions may have up to 9 problems.  The students are aware that they should have 5 problems done each day, so that the work is not overwhelming by the end of the week.   If students are having a hard time completing the Mountain Math in the given time, they may work on it at home by going to the Mountain Math section and viewing the Mountain Math Board photo of the week.

Please help your child be more organized and responsible by purchasing a student agenda for only $2.00.  Room 52 has various assignments assigned and your child needs to be able to copy down their homework in an organized matter so that they will always be complete in their work.  If you haven't purchased one already, please send $2.00 with your child so that they may start to become lifelong, organized learners.  Thank you in advance.