2019 SBAC  Testing begins on Monday , April 29 for grades in 3rd to 5th. For more information on when your child is testing see the adhere testing schedule.

Liggett Street Elementary

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Homework will be assigned on a daily basis, Monday through Thursday, but generally not on Friday or weekends. All assignments can be completed without parental assistance and in under one hour if done without stoppages. Homework will generally consist of reading in science or social studies, with some comprehension questions. Any incomplete classwork will also be expected to be completed at home.  Math homework will only be assigned after the students have mastered the skill.  Most homework will be completed in their Homework Journal.  Students will be assigned several short research projects throughout the year with a duration of no more than two weeks. The students will also complete a month long project, of their choice, at the end of the year.
Common Sample Home Assignment:
1)  Science / Social Studies  Read the lesson three times using the procedures taught in class. 
2)  Copy and answer (in a complete sentence) each Check Question or Blue Question at the bottom of each page, as well as review          questions 1-3 at the end of the lesson.
3)  Complete math and language arts classwork.
Week Of:  August 14
Monday :  
Friday - Sunday: -   Read for 20 minutes each day, as well as review the multiplication facts you have selected to focus on.